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This non-commercial website is a collection of ideas, articles, reviews, comments and links on education and parenting, including some book suggestions for children and teens, all of which I have collected in the 16 years I’ve been parenting and educating my daughter (that photo is the 2 of us on top of our holy mountain, Croagh Patrick, Westport, June 2013).  I’m freely sharing them with you to help you be the best parent and educator you can be and to bring out the best in your children. Bon voyage!

P.S. If you ever have a bad day, then read this interview with Shin Dong-hyuk, “Witness Number One,” the only person who successfully escaped Camp 14, North Korea. It’ll do you good.

Question: What makes a student “good”? Exam results, it seems, decide rather than moral development – with consequences… Read more

NEW – Explore outdoor learning in this feature by Alix O’Neill: Open fires and pointy sticks: The rise of Scandi-style nurseries in the UK See my posts on the subject: Forest Schools

The science of the individual. No-one is average! Being average is a myth and undermines the individual. Prof Todd Rose, who dropped out of school age 16 says being average is not good – the individual is forgotten. Read his story here and his new book The End of Average: How to Succeed in a World that Values Sameness is now available. He is a faculty member of the Harvard School of Education and directs the Center for Individual Opportunity. He explains his ideas and how they might be applied to education and medicine etc. in this paper, The Science of the Individual.

Maybe it’s time to accentuate the individual as homeopathy has done. Psychologist Adam Grant has also published a book advocating a similar idea in Originals: How Non-conformists Change the World. His article How to Raise a Creative Child. Step One: Back Off is available at The New York Times.