Advice for parents

M. is a great teacher and a great principal. People with her experience can say a lot that is wise in very few words. And her advice is most beneficial if you hated school or some aspect of it. This can undermine your child’s potential at school. For example, there are many parents who will casually throw away a comment like: I hated school; I had an awful teacher; I hated Irish; such and such was bet (sic) into us… “DON’T EVER LET YOUR CHILD HEAR YOU SAY THAT” is the advice from M. She’s right, impressions run deep. Can you imagine the attitude to school your child will have if you say it was such an awful place? Already they perceive school to be akin to prison, don’t add to it unless you have a better alternative.

M. is right, sometimes what we don’t do is more important than what we do do.

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