Are primary teachers exploiting children?

I don’t know but consider this. Primary teachers were paid an extra €27.50 for doing “playground duty” i.e. minding the little students. Could you imagine someone working in a private crèche being paid again to mind children at break time? Of course not, it would never happen. So far not too bad. Now consider that, being paid this nice little bonus, the teachers play truant and disappear to the staff room where they have their lunch but leave the older children to mind the younger ones. (The older ones were frequently under 12 which makes the exercise illegal.) That may not be so bad if they gave those children the money the kids had worked for but did those teachers pass on the airgead? Well, what do you think? I know one child who is owed a hell of a lot of money! The worst part of all this is that the children used for doing the playground duty often didn’t get to eat or drink, having to continue the school day hungry and thirsty.

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