Should we smack children?

Apart from the fact that it doesn’t work, before hitting a child the question must be answered, why am I smacking this child? I’m asking this for a specific reason but first let me tell you a Japanese Zen story. It goes something like this:

A samurai warrior hunted the man who killed his master. When the samurai caught the

Samurai in armour

offender and was about to avenge his master’s death, the enemy spat at the samurai. The samurai put away his sword and returned home.

Why didn’t the samurai kill the man? Because, after the insult of being spat at, he would have killed his enemy not out of honour but out of anger which would have been the wrong reason for his action. Likewise, if you want to justify hitting a child, it is necessary to first ask am I doing it out of a conscious decision for the right reason (whatever that could be!) or is it from a place of frustration or anger in me? Am I just venting my anger?

An adult versus a child is an unequal relationship, physically and mentally, so here’s the leveller. Before hitting a child, ask yourself if you would hit another adult for the same reason?

Photo: Wiki Commons

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