Education – body, mind and soul – not minister Quinn’s idea of an education

To minister of education, Mr Quinn, schools which teach religion (his obsession seems to be more so with Catholic schools – let’s call him cathophobic) are a cause of inconvenience. Actually, not learning about religion is the inconvenience the minister is really acknowledging because children not partaking in this aspect of society have to remove themselves from the class.

This imposition of Labour ideology (like his Dublin-based colleague, Aodhán Ó Riordáin, T.D., – (Do we have too many teachers in government?) reportedly wanting to vet Catholic applicants for the civil service) is just that, ideology, not education. Education should facilitate the flourishing of children which means nurturing them body, mind and soul. After all, don’t we want our kids to have spirit? Or as Rev. Martin Luther King (whose famous freedom speech was 50 years ago last week) would say, education is about building character.

Unknown to members of our educational establishment it seems, including the minister, education therefore, like life and death, is far deeper and broader than the curriculum they impose on our kids. Our kids, by the way, like the segregated blacks of King’s day, do not partake in democracy in the educational arena. If kids at school could divert for just 20 seconds from the curriculum imposed upon them and ask the question; what is life about?, they would now be in the realm of meaning, or as Einstein put it, “As soon as we ask this question, we are being religious.” Religion, obviously so engrained in what it means to be human, is something we cannot be forced to eschew, as labour should realise from other failed socialist experiments.

But the minister sends his youngest to a private, yes, Catholic school, being typical of these champagne socialists. It seems minister Quinn is in fact a member of the species homo religiosus, like us all.

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