Stabbings – the real point!

Why the huge amount of stabbing and knife crimes? One time two drunk idiots would shout or throw a few punches. Now one has to stab the other.

What’s this about? Is it simply violence or in line with the previous post, something more sexual?

What does one do in a knife assault?: they penetrate another. As the Australians say, “give her a dagger of mutton, mate.” You “stick it in.” Another word for penetrate is prick which is also another word for penis.

Nor does the analogy end there. Both “weapons,” a penis and a knife, are housed within a sheath.

So is it just possible the plethora of knife attacks – always by men – are a subconscious vicarious substitute for sex?

UPDATE: Just after writing this post, two high-profile murder cases came to the news. One was the stabbing of Elaine O’Dwyer in a sexual manner and the other the on-going case in Italy of the killing of Meredith Kercher, the English student with a knife in a sex-related murder.

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