Unborn more than a “mass of cells”

Life size model of a foetus 8 weeks after conception

It’s been claimed – without scientific evidence – that an embryo/foetus is merely a mass of cells. This is incorrect as those cells, if alive, have another dimension: life. This changes everything because it is not just the difference between being alive or not alive, but the difference between being a mass of cells and a being. To understand this, as in many things, we can look at a being (for the sake of this argument, a person with an identity) from the end to the beginning. As the philosopher Søren Kierkegaard said: “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

When a person has died, we tend to say things like “she/he’s dead,” “she/he’s gone,” “they’ve moved on, departed,” “her/his life is no more.” Nothing else has gone, the physical body is still present and (often) intact, but it’s not the person we knew, for they are gone. So the person and their physical make-up are not the same but their personhood and life – that which keeps them in being and animated – are no longer.

So s/he, the person they were, their nature, characteristics, their identity are inseparably entwined with their life.

So, life contains (for want of a better word in English) one’s identity/information/consciousness as an individual, but because s/he is human, that life carried what it meant to be human too.

Life, then, contains our human and individual identity. My life/energy/consciousness/vitality doesn’t carry the information to be a cat, only a cat’s life energy can.

“Life”, “energy” is fundamental to the individual, not just their biological constituents, e.g., by killing someone I end their identity and human identity.

Abortion doesn’t just kill an embryo/foetus, it kills a living organism with a human and individual identity, i.e. it kills a person as well. Where there’s life there’s consciousness and where there’s consciousness there’s an individual member of the human kingdom. And since that life force is present since conception, that individual human identity is present from word go.

If personhood is not accepted as such, then the defining moment as to when that “mass” becomes a person is too arbitrary. This is the quandary a judge and jury found themselves in recently in reversing criminal charges against a woman whose recklessness led to the death of her six-day-old baby. Read about it here

Further Reading
Patients invariably present with one-sided symptoms. From where does this pattern come? Possibly the side which they were conceived. If so, this gives added significance to conception. Read more here

Consciousness survives death according to scientific study at Southampton University available here

The proof of the pudding: Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins (conception) when sperm meets egg In this short video and accompanying description, life is considered to begin at conception. This has ethical consequences for abortion.

See this fascinating post Consciousness, intelligence revealed in plants

To prove my point, a court in the U.K. has just charged a man who kicked his pregnant girlfriend to the point her unborn baby died. The fact he was charged with “child destruction” shows that the child in the womb is just that, a child, and not a mass of cells. Read about Kevin Wilson here

March, 2016: And similarly, another man charged with child destruction: Police have charged a man with two counts of attempted murder and one of attempted child destruction in connection with the attack in Sutton Coldfield

Along similar lines, a judge in the U.K. has just sentenced a woman, Natalie Towers, to jail for doing a D.I.Y abortion. Despite his unusual thinking: “life hadn’t begun yet (at 32/34 weeks!)” and “This case has nothing to do with the general immorality or otherwise of termination of unborn foetuses,” and “extinguishing life about to begin.” If it hasn’t begun how can one extinguish it? He still referred to the unborn as “the child.” Someone even saw fit to name the child – Luke.

Surprisingly, “both paramedics were distressed by what they saw.” Yet if it happened just 4 or 5 weeks earlier it would have been justified by UK law. Read about the article: Mum jailed after performing DIY abortion on herself using pills off the internet

So when a woman is charged with using a poison to induce an abortion (Belfast Telegraph) it’s not due to the lack of freely available abortion in Northern Ireland because the same offence has happened in the U.K. and U.S. recently (see above).

Amnesty International is manipulating the right not to be tortured in order to invent a ‘right’ to end a tiny human being’s life, by Breda O’Brien in the Irish Times is very informative on the lack of substance to abortion as a “human right” which Amnesty’s legal advisers acknowledge.

Again, proving my point, science writer Michael Brooks who is a consultant for New Scientist and the author of 13 Things That Don’t Make Sense, in a snippet from the book in the Guardian (https://www.theguardian.com/science/2009/feb/02/science-mysteries) says:

2 Life
I know you think you’re more than a sack of molecules, but why? Next time you see a tree, ask yourself why that is alive when your wooden dining table is not. The phenomenon we call life is something that biologists have almost given up trying to define – instead they’re investigating ways to make different combinations of molecules come alive. Bizarrely, the best hope is similar in chemical terms to laundry detergent.

So, even if we are – all of us, regardless of age – a mass of cells, we still haven’t explained that thing called life and we haven’t explored the significance of it.

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