Since I am an inadequate parent and since the government and educators have put the responsibility onto us parents to be the “primary educators,” I am a poor educator also, therefore I have put together many useful ideas here to share with other parents and educators.

In my previous life I studied philosophy (including philosophy of education), developmental psychology and trained as a teacher (for a while!) so I do have a little gravitas in this area. I’m also a member of the education committee of Castlebar Credit Union.

By profession I am a homeopath and nutritionist which is useful for helping children grow healthily in mind and body. Education is useful to enable them to become the best they can be, to empower them and to grow into strong, autonomous and responsible people who can thrive and function well in society. But, what is education..?

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Disclaimer: this website is a source of information, fun and discussion to improve and facilitate a good education only. If your child does not become a genius or an authentic autonomous human being with the help of this website don’t blame me!