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NEW: The Hay Levels. Inspiring 3 minute videos by different experts on different subjects such as maths, economics, sciences, history, CSPE etc:
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Maths Education

Maths Generally
Lots of interesting articles here on the drive to improve maths education

Why not learn a little history of maths?:

The various sciences and maths – a huge resource; games, lectures etc.:

The magic number – a series of radio programmes looking at the quirky side of numbers:

Numbers – many maths topics explained in one minute videos:

Maths – Practical, common-sense maths for adults in 1 minute videos:

Maths learning resources and online courses:

Podcast – Does Maths Matter? Listen to the talk here




Open University and the BBC: Masters of Money

What is money anyway..?
Sadly this wonderful article in the Irish Times above by John Waters has been money-walled but this philosophy of money website by a philosopher and fund manager is useful
Philosophy of Money by Eric Lonergan

The Language of Money: an introduction to John Lanchester’s new book How To Speak Money and a Lexicon of money terms.

Women should lead more in business. Interesting interview (here) with
Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook about her new book Lean In.

English – Poetry
For a radio discussion on Sylvia Plath download or open here: (It’s dated Fri, 9th August)


What is history? In 1992 at the Sorbonne a professor of philosophy said history is too important to be left to historians. Here’s some opinions on what history is:
Click here for the descriptions of history link

Sexism. Speech is power: the 4,000 year campaign to silence women. A new BBC documentary Ascent of Woman outlines the origins and history of silencing women. An article on the series can be read here

Contemporary Irish History
Irish Stew; Ireland Identity and Abortion

A useful Timeline of Modern Irish History

The last Blasket Islander, Mike Carney, revisits the deserted island.  Read about his experience and watch the video                                                                                                                                                               Listen to Otto Dov Kulka, a retired prof of History as he tries to make sense of history as well as his-story as he reflects on his experience in a concentration camp and the consequences for his life.  or read his book Landscapes of the Metropolis of Death 

One historian questions historians’ disposition to focus on what divides usrather than what unites us. The Undivided Past by David Cannadine; A Review

NEWGreat Women of History podcasts:

The qualities of a great artist laid bare. David Hockney’s world

Have you considered the link between art and fashion? Designer Dries Van Noten and artist Elizabeth Peyton discuss in
Beautiful Minds

Power to the people: a Syrian experiment in democracy – involving youth and women

Interesting article by Peter York on the effects of buying designer brands –
the classification of society

What makes a “good” student – exam results or a sense of morality? Read “Pupils left at risk of extremist ideologies by school behaviour policies,” says report here.

Current Debates in CSPE
The abortion debate – Britain’s experience: abuse of the law (click here)

Same-sex marriage debate: research commissioned by the British Government click here

Justice with Michael Sandel. Online Harvard Course Exploring Justice, Democracy, Equality and Citizenship

What colour is justice? Read a review of a new book on how Indian women fought back. Pink Sari Revolution: A Tale of Women and Power in the Badlands of India by Anna Fontanella-Khan

Body Image – The Vagenda: A Zero Tolerance Guide to the Media. An informative book looking at the toxic agenda of glossy magazines for influencing girls for the worst. Here Sean Moncrieff interviews the author Holly Baxter. The interview begins at about 48 minutes in: Listen by clicking here  

Critical Thinking
Sadly not a subject in Irish schools unlike in the U.K. and France where philosophy andepistemology are also taught. What’s the point of all this schooling if we can’t think critically and are still being duped: Maria Byrne – Critical Thinking IC

History of Ideas Stimulating ideas – freedom, ethics, human evolution, technology, origins of the cosmos and other big questions – with fascinating short animations. Worth a look. Click here to visit the BBC Radio 4 site

Third Level
For European courses visit: Eunicas Central European Application Office
UK and N. Ireland:
Research all courses in Ireland at Qualifax

Citizens Information – a good source of information

New Book by education and career guidance expert Brian Mooney:
View the book Revise Wise here

Oxford and Cambridge Universities – the entrance interview questions in book form
Do You Think You’re Clever?

Getting there – 100 exam tips*

Study Overseas: some helpful links
Study abroad. Find out more. (Irish Times article)
A more recent article: Study options abound home and abroad
– And a related article in the Irish Times with Emily Logan whose son studied in the Netherlands: click here

Studying in Europe: Low Fees, More Choice

Free Courses Online
Or attend courses at Yale for free – from home!

iTunesU provides lectures, language lessons, audio and video content etc. from many of the great universities for free. Click here to visit the site


Career Guidance – What Should I Do?
For the bigger picture: New York Times blogpost “A Life Beyond ‘Do What You Love.'”
Or read The Element by Sir Ken Robinson

See Brian Mooney’s new book, Revise Wise: Start Your Career Journey Here, on career choices and doing third level here and in Europe

Universities – a superb critical appraisal, an article by Oxford philosopher Roger Scruton: Click here to read The End of the University

Sex Assaults and Rape in (U.S.) Colleges
The Hunting Ground. The movie’s official site
The Hunting Ground (Wikipedia entry)
A Vanity Fair article: Tinder and the Dawn of the “Dating Apocalypse” (link)
A reply from Slate magazine (link) and comment on the movie here and here

Getting that Job
New book by U.S. sociologist Lauren Rivera, Pedigree; How Elite Students Get Elite Jobs, suggests qualifications are not the key – companies want the “polish” of extra-curricular activities. (May also be a self-help manual on maintaining inequality?)